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Direct Mail Marketing

I am not a believer of direct mail marketing. I view it as costly, time intensive to plan and prepare, and with a low ROI. When a client mentions they are thinking of going this route I suggest other options to try first.
Ed over at BDM Innovation brings back some great tips from a recent sales seminar on how a Direct Mail Marketing campaign can and does work. Point five, “It’s a campaign, not a single mailing”, is one where I see clients falling down on again and again. It can be a costly exercise so I can see why a client wants to limit expenditure by only having one mailing to test the waters. But if mailings don’t work only campaigns then it is doomed and a waste of money from the start.
It would seem that if a client wants to do direct mailings they need to commit to a campaign.
The list demonstrates one thing, you need a marketing person at the top of their game to make it work between an individual client and their target market on all the points.

One great bit of direct mail marketing I have seen recently was from Switch Media. My dad registered a business name with the CRO. On the same day he received the business name cert from the office he received a letter from Switch Media letting him know that the domain name for his new business was available to purchase along with suggested alternatives. For just a little extra he could also get hosting, a web page with his own logo, info and email set up. Best of all it also came complete with an order form, already filled out with his name address and required details. The only thing my dad needed to do was sign it.
Switch Media obviously scanned the CRO website every day for new companies being registered and targeted them. Because what do you do after you register the business, you register the domain name (or you should). Switch Media targeted their offering perfectly made that next step as simple as possible.

  1. Hey Alan, thanks for the mention! The Switch Media example is a great one – focussed, relevant and targetted.

    Like you said, a business needs a top marketer to make a campaign effective – it’s a pity that so many people don’t use professional services for this though – and just get a design shop to print some letters.

    Ed Byrne    Nov 22, 01:26 PM    #
  2. It’s not a cheap exercise though. I’ve seen Switch Media’s bumf!

    Michele    Nov 22, 08:00 PM    #