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Direct benefits of good design

Recently was featured on one of the many CSS gallery sites. For those that don’t know, CSS gallery sites are sites that mention and link to other sites that they consider of great or interesting design that utilise CSS code in their build. Some of the main ones would be CSSBeauty CSSVault and CSSThesis.
This didn’t happen by accident, I sent a mail with a link to one site I looked at regularly to see if they would consider it suitable.

Now there are a large amount of these gallery sites around. It is easy to set up as a blog. I even run one myself. But there are only so many new sites being launched that would be suitable, so it makes for a very incestuous network. When a site appears on one gallery site it doesn’t take long to appear on many of the others.

Looking at the stats the site has popped up across the world including the States, UK, Sweden and Italy. It event got a mention in Japan, but I don’t know if what they said was good or bad!

So after about a month and a half, collectively these sites have brought around 7500 visitors. Great numbers but lets be honest, that translates to a big bunch of designers looking at another designers web sites. They are hardly going to want to buy design (we got one decent inquiry and some guy offering to buy the design of the site off us).

However Pinstripe, the main product we are working on, is a business management tool for designers. So that means 7500 of our target market voluntarily clicked through to the website to look at it in detail.

To be honest I never imagined the numbers those sites would generate so I wasn’t prepared. We are not far enough along in development of pinstripe to be able to take advantage of them in any meaningful way. But I could have at least led them to give up an email address or something.

It has cemented in my mind that when we are getting ready to launch, one of the main marketing routes to take is to design a great website. A site specifically designed to draw the attention of the gallery sites. A good web site was always in my marketing plan but when I saw those stats today it jumped to the top as one of the single most important items that we must do.

Design can sometimes be a hard investment to pin down in terms of the return it provides. In this case I think it’s obvious. How much would you have to spend in advertising, online and offline to pull in that number of interested potential customers? A lot more then the price of an average web site. Good design sells.

There are a couple of clients sites I am working on at the moment who would target the same market though it would be a smaller percentage of their overall market. I aim to get them featured and by the time I am ready to launch I should be well practiced.

  1. s/Benifits/Benefits/

    BE    Nov 8, 08:18 PM    #
  2. Thanks for that :)

    Alan    Nov 8, 08:25 PM    #
  3. Alan, I did exactly what you’ve described with my web app, SiteVista. Designed a cool site, got on the showcase sites, and got loads of interest leading up to our launch.

    Good luck with Pinstripe, and the other apps you’re working on. If you’ve got a mailing list, add my address to it, I’d love to hear when it launches.

    Paul Farnell    Nov 27, 02:15 PM    #
  4. I remember it getting attention when it launched Paul :)

    Its nicely designed and still popping up on sites.

    Alan    Nov 27, 02:21 PM    #