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Dead motherboard

Apologies for late replies this week if you emailed me. My PC decided to commit Hara-kiri instead of comply with any more of my demands. Its a dead motherboard so data is safe however it will take a bit of time while i retrieve it and email.

I suppose its a good opportunity to upgrade. The old one was about 5 years old.

  1. Alan – The same thing happened me last month. It was quite stressfull but at least I knew the data was safe. In my instance it was the BIOS chip which was defective and needed to be replaced . I wonder if it might just be the chip and not the whole Mobo?

    Peter Knight    Aug 4, 10:20 AM    #
  2. how would you go about finding that out?

    Alan O'Rourke    Aug 4, 03:11 PM    #
  3. hmmm …well in my instance I was upgrading the BIOS when the PC died (no boot and no POST) so I knew i’d fried the BIOS chip. Whats happening when you turn on the PC and what were you doing when it ‘died’ ?
    What type of MOBO do you have too? Most of the support forums are pretty helpful and subbed by helpful folks. Mine was an ASUS and they walked me through the process…

    Peter Knight    Aug 4, 05:57 PM    #