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Contrast Caption Comp

The lads over in Contrast posted a pic of Eoghan deep in conversation last friday. It was crying out for a caption so i asked the guys on Twitter to post a few suggestions using Finetuna and the winner would win a Sheepstealers T-shirt of their choice. Click entries below for full size.







The team here voted and the winner is…
Eamon Leonard!

You win one of the new line of sheepstealers GAA t-shirts from here:

Send on your size and address and i will ship it over.
A T-shirt also goes to Eoghan for being such a good sport :)

  1. Haha. Congrats Eamo.

    Any chance of a shirt with the sheepstealer logo on it? I’ll show it off around the local pubs.

    Eoghan McCabe    Oct 6, 01:59 PM    #
  2. Can do.

    Alan    Oct 6, 06:41 PM    #
  3. Great stuff, laughed out loud at them all.

    More competitions!

    Gordon    Oct 6, 09:35 PM    #
  4. Now it figures!!

    Des: “Eh lads – I took a photo you didn’t know about and it’s started a meme”.


    Eamon’s made me laugh out loud when it showed us!!


    Robin Blandford    Oct 7, 03:33 PM    #
  5. €35 for a -shirt???

    Ha ha ha ha!

    Good luck with the recession there.

    James    Oct 7, 04:13 PM    #