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Communication breakdown

Its good to talk. Let your fingers do the walking.
All good advertising slogans and something you should have plastered over your desk.
Communication is the backbone of any business relationship. Especially so in the service industry. Regular communication is vital.
Its one of those basics I know. But one that is so easily put down on the list of priorities on a project.
Take your eye off the ball and you will suffer.

You might be busy working away, too busy to call. Doing what you were hired to do. But to a client, unless you communicate then you could be away on a sunny beach working on your Farmers tan.

Every week I say, this week it becomes a priority! This week I will call everyone and check in. Every week it gradually slips down the list.
Don’t let it happen. Call, email, Morse code something now.
You will regret it if you dont.

  1. You are right Alan – and I would add to watch the email V phone or face to face meetings balance. Given the “tone difficulties” with the written word that none of us are immune to.

    I get myself into less trouble these days with email snafu’s – however that is because I have had 10 years of email to help me learn the hard way :-(


    keith bohanna    Jan 20, 06:39 PM    #
  2. Can anyone recommend a simple, easy to use CRM?

    I had a look at Sugar but it looks like 7 kinds of over kill.

    Alan    Jan 20, 10:29 PM    #
  3. As 37 Signals are about to launch one you could wait and see – if the timing suited?


    keith bohanna    Jan 21, 11:11 AM    #