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Celebrity Spread Betting Challenge

If you ever fancied yourself as a Gordon Gecko type. Buying and selling shares, people and lives but never fancied the risk then there is an alternative.
Instead of actually buying shares, Spread betting is where you instead bet on shares and if they will go up or down in price.
It is one of those things I never knew existed until a few months ago.

Delta Index, the Irish spread betting company , along with the Sunday Tribune are now going to give you money to play the markets in a kind of fantasy football league, but with celebrities. If I am not making a very good job of describing it head over to the site to get the information direct.
You can win money for charity and a bit for yourself which is not bad.

After developing their new branding at the end of last year Delta asked us back to work on the competition site and interface.

  1. Very nice layout and fonts.

    Love those shiny aqua-style buttons. How do you do them ?

    walter    Feb 18, 10:46 PM    #
  2. Its a handy web 2.0 filter in photoshop :)

    Alan    Feb 19, 08:40 AM    #