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Calling all creative twits

Looking for your help. I finally convinced my wife Mary to sign up to Twitter but all she can find is a bunch of us Techies talking web stuff.
So are there any non tech people out there worth following? Especially with an arty slant.

  1. Waves


    David    Nov 11, 10:50 AM    #
  2. Tons and tons of non-techies out there, particularly wine/food etc.

    Some good ones who rarely mention tech include @bubblebrothers @rfwine @niallharbison @suzybie @ChefMark @rdelevan @jaycee001 @stephenfry @puddleducks @irishallotments @ciaracrossan @curiousmike @grannymar @Debz @ubfid @sineadcochrane etc etc etc!

    Conor O'Neill    Nov 11, 07:16 PM    #