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BizCamp Dublin Reflections

Now that I have come down form the BizCamp high I thought I’d put together the things I liked and learned the most from the day.
Unlike all the organisers who beavered away for months, I jumped in on the morning to help with registration and generally be an extra pair of hands.

I was really conscious about the kind of year most people are having. I presumed there would be many attending that were looking for a fresh start and a new beginning. I really wanted this day not to fail them or their expectations. I wanted BizCamp to be a positive experience and for everyone to leave the Guinness Storehouse with a lighter step and a belief that things will get better.

I met some really amazing people and I was truly honoured to help out and give advice. One man I met wanted to set up a new firm and looking at the mass of talks on the schedule turned to me almost in desperation. I know that feeling. Sometimes when you are at the beginning of something and you have so much to learn you don’t know where to start. Between the both of us we made a list of talks that were industry specific to his needs. As he walked away, I realised just how beneficial BizCamp is for anyone starting up. We all need to know how to run a business, file returns, be tax compliant, market ourselves and bring home the bacon each month. With knowledge gained from the presentations and with new connections made on the day, hopefully his dream is one step closer to reality after BizCamp.

It’s good to dream and to be surrounded by pragmatic dreamers who are crazy enough to set up a business and to encourage others to do the same. By the end of the day I was elated. I enjoyed the after party and counted a stack of business cards in my wallet. Many of these new connections gave me some great advice and helped me out on the day.

As for the top three things I learned at BizCamp, here they are:

1. Cashflow is more important than your mother – Steve Gotz
2. Fire the gobshites – Jerry Kennelly
3. Don’t forget to adjust for churn* on your projections – Caelen King of WhatClinic

  • A certain numbers of users drop off each month, some people even die, so expect 20 -30% churn rate. Note to self, put this in the business plan now!

To everyone who came, listened, gave a talk, helped others, gave advice, networked and enjoyed themselves, thanks a million. I can’t wait for the next one.

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