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Spoiltchild Design

Begin rant

I am advertising for the senior designer position over on at the moment.
At the bottom I have clearly stated that the position is a design one and not a developer position.
And every application received so far… Developers!
Even if I was looking for a developer, the fact that you cant actually read is hardly going to look good is it!

End Rant

  1. Sounds like the issues I’ve been having with getting technies to read simple instructions!!

    Michele    Feb 17, 11:15 PM    #
  2. I’m pretty good at Perl and Ruby. Can learn PHP.

    When do I start? :D

    Seriously though, people don’t read this stuff. Joel Spolsky deliberately didn’t put intern positions up on Monster this year because of this.

    It’s far too easy to apply on these sites.

    David Barrett    Feb 18, 12:08 AM    #
  3. Keep an eye out for some of the people graduating from Trinity MA Multimedia Systems in October. It’s a bit away but every year you always spot at least a few quality designers coming out of there. Alternatively, you could have a look at some of the more senior graduates from the Multimedia course.

    Ken    Feb 18, 01:06 PM    #