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Barcamp Ireland

I am thinking of doing a bit of a talk at Barcamp Ireland.
“User v Business. Finding a balance in a user interface. case study.”

Basically it would hopefully be an interesting (and short) presentation on why certain interface decisions were made in the development of our new Email Newsletter app Toddle.
I would put forward the three very different requirements of the User, the Marketing/Sales person and the developer and visually show how we came to the end result.

Something you might be interested in?

  1. Alan, I’d love to hear a talk like that. We’re not at UI design stage yet so I would love to hear some of the thought processes you went through. Go for it!

    Conor O'Neill    Jul 30, 07:15 AM    #
  2. Please :-)

    Keith Bohanna    Jul 30, 11:22 AM    #
  3. I would also be interested in hearing the talk (though I won’t be making it to Ireland anytime soon.) I’m knee deep into a a functional spec at the moment, and find myself needing to move between visualizing the user experience and capturing in detail how software should work.

    Kris    Jul 30, 04:55 PM    #
  4. I would love to hear the talk. See you at BarCamp. I’ve signed up to talk about javascript bits’n bobs.

    Walter Higgins    Jul 31, 10:56 AM    #