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Spoiltchild Design


A regular-ish comic based around the soul destroying vocation called design.

As i write this I'm currently midway between Dublin and Drogheda on the last train home with all the after office, friday drunks. And for those of you who live in a reasonably Cosmo country, last train here is at 10.15pm so I'm not exactly up past my bed time. And for those others of you who are techno junkies, I'm using the latest Bic biro on a spiral bound notebook (red). Upload speed isn't bad, I'm aiming for sunday when I'm next near the net.

I'm wiped out. I got myself a new job. Unbelievably its in motion graphics which i figured would take me at least 2 years to break into. Unfortunately i also figured on gradually learning the required programs and techniques over those 2 years as well.
I'm just about keeping my head above water. Work has nicely took me on my word in all the things i said i could do and launched me straight into a project with a 2 weeks deadline. Getting to grips with all these programs that i've only ever played around with at my leisure has meant that design standards have slipped a bit on the project and I'm in on sunday after 2 days and nights straight to make up for the longer time its taken me to do it.
But i do think its looking good and through all the exhaustion I'm really enjoying it and i am very excited about my future there. There is a cinema/tv commercial coming up soon, how cool is that!

Anyway, between jumping between jobs, and organising the dgi I've neglected the blog and comic (sorry tom). I hate people who write in their blog to apologise for not writing in their blog!
I have a few comics scripted but nothing ready to post yet. So instead ill post the project below. I was out to take some photos to help illustrate a story for a Zine that a friend is putting together but i ended up with no time to do it when i discovered the lovely woods needed for the shoot that are situated beside my home have been infested and taken over by diseased housing estates. So on my way to catch a train, with a Camera and a Teddy bear in my girlfriends bag (I'm not carrying a teddy bear around with me!) I decided to seize the moment. The results are here. Enjoy.




Fusion rip


Ok, I've decided ill give a blog a try. At the moment I'm looking around for some handy software to help with it but as I'm hosted on windows it rules out most of the dedicated apps. And before anyone starts shouting, i like windows, and thanks to the great guys at spin hosting is free, reliable and support is first class :)

I painted my first painting in 4 years during the week and i must say its nice to be doing it again.
Its just a simple thing for a personal project in work. Everyone in the office had to do a painting from a random few lines in a book.

"Giraffe: When i work i don't like anyone to be over me"

This is what i came up with.

I used to do loads of watercolour painting after college, had a few exhibitions around the country and stuff. I was getting pretty good at it too and selling a few but i got so bored with it all. I wasn't painting anything that interested me and i didn't know what would interest me so i just left my paints in a corner to gather dust. I always regretted it a bit in a wasted talent kind of way.
I think ill paint a little more but this time its for me and i have to play with it. I also think its time to learn oils.

For the new strip I'm working on i need a vulture so i created this guy. So far I'm really happy with him. I just need to do him in profile.


19-January-2003 My first full attempt at a strip.

pay the meter web comic

Not a bad start i think. Its just a test really. I am working on the character designs at the moment and its going pretty well. I got impatient and wanted to try one of the comics in my sketch book. Clive is the only one that i think is finished the others are close except the boss who i am really not happy with. In doing the characters i've realised that i really hate drawing feet! I find them the most awkward part of the body to do. So i don't think you will be seeing feet in a strip anytime soon :)

web comic character designs

Why do a comic?

  • 1. I love comics and i have always wanted to do one except i never really had anything to say.
  • 2. To relieve a bit of frustration.
  • 3. Just to see if i can.

I'm contemplating doing a Blog but I'm really not sure. The whole idea of leaving your personal thoughts around for people to see doesn't sit well. If i did i wouldn't do it on personal stuff. It would be more personal design stuff. Perhaps something based around how the comic developed would be a light and easy start. What ever i do i have realised i need to work on writing more. Lack of writing skills has held back too many projects of mine recently and that needs to be addressed.

I have been reading and re-reading the comics of Dave Mc keen the last few weeks. His writing is amazing and is what drives his books. I originally got them for the art. He has a great confidence and stream of consciousness feel to his writing that i realised comes from writing this way all the time in a journal or something. I do things now in my design and art that i didn't believe i could do when i started. Perhaps it will be the same in my writing. It makes sense. Practice makes better.

As i was thinking this a friend was thinking something similar while reading Penny-Arcade. Its the writing that makes those comics so good. It is really minimal, to the point and has great comic timing. The imagery is almost superfluous. Its the great icing on top.

So... If im to produce a good comic i need good art and good writing. Maybe this text is a sign to start a blog. I was only going to write the date of the comic...


Thanks to Dan and spin solutions for technical and hosting support.