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Awards 2 for 1 sale!

Is there any reason awards hold their events when they hold them?
Seems like there are a rake of awards cropping up this month and next.

Not that we are complaining. My accountant is another story!
We have been shortlisted for the IIA Netvisionary award in the category of Web design excellence.These awards look very attractive to enter when there is no entry fee but they get you at the end when you have to pay for a seat at the thing.
This year i have Diana working with me so that’s another ticket. No way i can leave the wife at home while i take Diana. That suggestion would have a frosty reception. And i think it might be a good opportunity for my parents to see what i actually do for a living and see the industry.
That’s being held on the 17th of November and should be a great night. Honestly i am absolutely thrilled to be shortlisted. It helps you step back a bit and realise that just maybe all that furious peddling you have been doing driving the business forward might be resulting in movement.
Some realy strong finalists in the various categories this year. Some i know, some i don’t but best of luck to all and i will cross my fingers for the few people i know.

And then this morning i get a call from the Chamber of Commerce. I got a last minute phone call from them about a day before submissions were due last month for the Business Excellence Awards. Asked if i was entering. I wasn’t and then got the full sales pitch which resulted in me agreeing to send in a 5 min entry form just to get them off the phone.
The 5 minute entry form actually revealed itself to be a full day study and written exercise of my business, how we operate and where we want to go. Sneaky of them to slip that in.

And then forgot about it.

And this morning i get a phone call to let me know i have been shortlisted and in fact have been the most nominated business in the awards coming in under 5 categories out of the 8.
Happy days for us, but my accountants frown just got deeper.

Don’t know which exact categories we have been shortlisted in but the categories we ticked for entry are:

Best Newcomer Award

Best Small Business Award

Best E-Business Award

Best Innovation Award

Best Business Growth Award

Customer Excellence Award – Service

Its interesting that these are for the Business as opposed the design. I had never really thought about myself as a business person just a designer.
The business excellence awards will be held on the night of the 12th of November.

  1. Congratulations !
    I’ll see you at the Clontarf Hotel :)
    Michele    Oct 29, 04:04 PM    #