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Arghhhh! Can you feel the frustration from there?

Bank of Ireland are a shower of &%*$£E!
A mentioned my experiences before Christmas.
I needed a reference form from BOI and my business account to give to AIB to set up a Credit Card facilities for online payments.
BOI said “NO no no, we don’t do that, you need to get AIB to send the form directly. You are not involved and should not have this form.”

AIB listen to this in disbelief as they have the understanding that they need my signature and approval before they can request records of my account from BOI.
Makes sense to me.
So with a signed letter and form from myself. A letter on AIB letterhead and the reference form, is sent in direct from AIB.

I find out today Bank of Ireland returned it unfilled without explanation.

So I ring up BOI looking for an explanation. Of course no one knows anything about it. They suggest the form was one that they do not fill out. This is the form I brought in myself, showed them and they said AIB have to send in. So they ask me to fax it in so they can check it is the right form. Why would I still have the form if they told me I shouldn’t have it and it was no use me sending it in.

We are launching next Tuesday. To say I am frustrated is a mild understatement. The product is a premium product. It needs a premium image to reinforce that. A paypal payment button is not going to give the right image.

I have had enough of BOI. I am changing to AIB but more then likely there is a probation period with a new account before they grant access to extra facilities.

  1. It’s palpable Alan :-)

    We are about to open an AIB account for the Pure Play business so it will be interesting to see how they are in the Kilkenny branch.

    That decision was based on looking at all of the online banking products currently available – together with your previous posting and comments on same.

    Tuesday eh – that is the most interesting nugget in your post! I am sure a lot of us will be watching with interest! Good luck.


    keith bohanna    Jan 24, 03:58 PM    #
  2. I always thought it was an urban myth, but it isn’t. Go into BOI and say: “If you don’t sort this out by 3pm tomorrow, I’ll be in to close out my account.” Fiver says they’ll do it there and then.

    adam    Jan 25, 10:13 AM    #
  3. Alan – I told you they were a shower of %$%**

    All banks are out to make money etc., but BOI are incredibly awkward to deal with. I had an account in Limerick for years. The last couple of years you could not actually get through to a human. An automated yoke dealt with all calls!

    Michele    Jan 27, 07:21 AM    #
  4. It’s Tuesday – where is it?



    keith bohanna    Jan 31, 11:07 AM    #