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Spoiltchild Design

Anyone going to d.construct in September ?

Walter is wondering if anyone else is heading over to d.construct.
More information about the event is available here.

Let Walter know here.

To be honest it looks a little too focused on the technical for me.

  1. I left a comment on Conor’s blog ( along the same lines – potentially too many helpings of code for it to be productive for me.


    Keith Bohanna    Jul 4, 05:54 PM    #

    16:45 – 17:30 Designing the Complete User Experience by Jeffrey Veen

    Design is hard. The Web is complicated. How do we make things for people when all we have are the most basic understanding of what they want? Join Jeffrey Veen as he takes a broad survey of the challenges designers face today, and how we’re all solving those problems with new perspectives on user research, interaction design, and information architecture.

    Walter Higgins    Jul 11, 01:18 PM    #