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Any good podcasts?

I will be travelling for a few hours westwards tomorrow. Only 10 mins of which the car will pick up a radio signal.
So any suggestions on a couple of good podcasts to listen to on the journey?

  1. The BBC have quite a few good ones… Today, From Our Correspondent are the highlights for me.

    You could also try listening to the Web Essentials ‘05 podcasts

    David Barrett    Dec 3, 08:10 PM    #

    Even a scrappy little startup company can benefit by taking the risk of exposing its APIs to the remix culture and a loyal development community. Stewart Butterfield, President and Founder of Ludicorp, discusses not only his company’s collaboration platform for photos, Flickr, but also an overview of the business decisions, goals, and architecture required in the design, implementation, and management of the Flickr API.

    “How can you make your customers your evangelists—or better yet, how can you let your customers build your business altogether? What are the roles of new communication tools like blogs, RSS, and social networks?”


    keith bohanna    Dec 3, 08:59 PM    #
  3. They look great thanks guys. Nice variety to keep me and the wife happy :)

    Alan    Dec 3, 10:25 PM    #
  4. You should enjoy the “Diary of an Irishman in Spain”, chronicling the adventure of a young Irish couple as they travel for a year through Spain. It’s at –

    James Corbett    Dec 3, 10:25 PM    #
  5. There should be quite a few from the blogging conference in Paris …

    Michele    Dec 6, 07:27 PM    #