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Spoiltchild Design

A successfull launch

For the moment lets call this product “Adam”.
We had a great launch today.
We demonstrated the product to a room full of potential customers and the response was fantastic.
To gather contact details of interested people we offered the chance to win the product when it is officially launched on the 31st but to be honest half the time people were asking to be notified before we even mentioned the competition.
I prepared a quick repeating slide show of the product and features but the product itself got more interest.

One thing that generated a lot of discussion for the team leading up to the event was pricing. We started quite low which I think is the automatic response when launching a new product but we gradually talked it up. Last minute we jumped the price up again, significantly, and decided we would use this event to gauge reaction. Its always easier to lower a price then raise it. and do you know, not a single person blinked when we mentioned it. It was perceived as good value all round. Now this may in fact indicate that we priced it too low but it was a great result.

  1. You are such a tease Alan :-). Glad the private unveiling went well and looking forward to seeing the public one.


    keith bohanna    Jan 16, 08:10 AM    #
  2. Its a new mouse trap, there is always a market for a better mouse trap.

    Brian O'Neill    Jan 16, 02:45 PM    #
  3. Its round.

    You know, for kids!

    Alan    Jan 16, 02:50 PM    #
  4. It’s all veiled mystery with you Alan :P

    Ed    Jan 17, 10:19 AM    #
  5. Well done old bean!

    Damien Mulley    Jan 19, 10:11 PM    #
  6. your launch date is my birthday… just in case you are giving away freebies :-)

    Daragh    Jan 25, 10:49 AM    #