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A bi-product of Spoiltchild Design Consultancy
Basecamp project management and collaboration

Extend Basecamp Project Management with this time saving firefox extension

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Key Features

Basecode is a simple to use Firefox browser extension designed to give easy access to the hidden formatting options available when posting messages and comments in Basecamp. Even better it adds a few extra features to Basecamp to make the day to day project management process even easier.
Check out the key features below...

Easy right-click access to a range of standard formatting options including

  1. Bold
  2. Italic
  3. Underline
  4. Font-Size
  5. Colour
  6. List,
  7. Strike
  8. Heading
  9. Subheading

Select any text and turn it into a link.


"Quote" any text, from the clipboard or selected. Just like a Bulletin Board Forum.

Log your time on a project or an individual item for your own records and to keep your client updated at all times.

Time log: 1 hours| Total time for this item: 2 hours

Easy update of the status of a project with the following indicators:

Status: Pending
Status: Complete

Right-click insertion of Basecamps   Update indicator.

The ability to customise and use your own project indicators.

No more screwed up code examples. Basecode wraps up your code in <code> tags to stop Basecamp trying to interpret your code and output it as you intended.

Easy use of Footnotes in your messages and comments as Basecode automatically formats and links them for you.

Easy link to uploaded files within comments.

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