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A bi-product of Spoiltchild Design Consultancy
Basecamp project management and collaboration

Extend Basecamp Project Management with this time saving firefox extension

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Download Basecode

Download and install Basecode for Firefox and try it free.

Install Basecode for Basecamp
   Click to install Basecode

Instructions for use

Basecode in use1). When install is complete you will need to restart Firefox and access Basecamp.
2). Right-click(pc) / Control-click(Mac) in the comments/message text box. You
should see a new option there for Basecode.
3). Explore

Hosting images

You can host the various images and icons used within Basecode on your own server.
To do this download the following image archive. Extract the files and place in a directory on your own server.

Download (2kb)

or icons.sit (coming soon)