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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ciara Foster

Ciara Foster - culptures, Textile pieces, painting, Drawing and Photography
Great character in these sculpture pieces from Ciara Foster made out of natural materials.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Light Show #2

Darklight - The Light Show #2
The Light Show vidcast from the Darklight folks all about short films and filmmakers.
Also available to subscribe on itunes.

This week they check out a clip from Jim Ether's short animation, 'Gut Pup'.
Nicky interviews the Dublin-based animation company Delicious 9 and they take a look at clips from their various work, from visuals for Caribou, to their short film, 'Stars'.

If you have not seen Stars yet try and get your hands on it. It is one of the most haunting and touching animations I have ever seen.

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Candy 5 Part I

Candy Magazine 5 Part I
A hefty 36 mb download of design goodness from the likes of:

Aidan Kelly. Ali Malek. Angry. DADDY. Donnacha Costello.
Elaine Constantine. Genevieve Gauckler. Glen E. Friedman.
Glenn Leyburn. Jon Burgerman. Keepmesane. Linda Brownlee.
Marc Atlan. Michael Gillette. Pony. Simon Burch. Studiomime.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

BRENB Redesigns

BRENB Redesigns
Cartoonist & illustrator BrenB redesigns.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Nomad Ink Europa Tour 2005

Nomad Ink Europa Tour 2005
Nomad Ink Studios tour of Europe and design. Ireland gets a visit.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ruairí Robinson new site

Ruairí Robinson new site
"Here you can read all about Ruairí's amazing adventures. For example, sometimes he goes to the shops. And sometimes he stays up late cuz he don't give a fuck. He's breaking all the rules man."

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Bank of Ireland - Irish Advertising

Times Online - Bank of Ireland - Advertising
Biting piece in the Sunday Times on the lack of originality from Irish advertising agencies. Have to say I agree with most of it.

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Sweet-Talk 3

Candy - Sweet-Talk 3
Surprisingly clear headed after the great night last night where I learnt:

1. To become a great designer you need the force, skills and a talented music mate. (I will now take to hanging out in the guitar section of Waltons).
2. Said mate will then owe you a soundtrack when you finally get round to making that film you have been annoying everyone with for years.
3. Alcohol is best served by a tall blonde in a blue cocktail dress.

Brilliant turnout of about 300. Well done to all involved.

Keep an eye out for future SweetTalk's //
April 12th 2006 : Rinzen (Candy3), BrenB (Candy2) & more TBC.

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Digital Media Awards 2006 results

Digital Media Awards 2006 results
The winners were announced and awards presented last night at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin.
Congratulations to everyone involved.
The full list of winners are as follows:

Animation – Zanita Films
Best Business-to-Business Information Site - Revnet
Best Consumer Site –
Best Entertainment Site –
Best Information Site (Non-Commercial) – The Mental Health Commission
Best Music Site – Apple Ireland - iTunes Music Store
Best News Site – Eircom Net
Business-to-Business Innovation – C-Ads
Business to Consumer Innovation – 3V Transaction Services Ltd
Cross Platform - Aerlingus
Design - Pixelsoup
Digital Post Production – The Farm
E-Learning Company of the year – WBT Systems
E-Learning Product – Blackrock Education Centre
Emerging Technology –
Mobile Content – Wildwave/Darklight
On-line Advertising Agency - ICAN
On-Line Advertising Campaign – Cybercom – First Active ‘Investors’ Handbook
On-Line Advertising Creativity – ICAN – Vodafone 3G
On-Line Marketing Agency - Cybercom
On-Line Marketing Campaign –
On-Line Marketing Creativity – Cybercom – Guinness Hurling Championship
Rookie of the year – University of Ulster – Kevin Curran
Best Service Providers – UTV Internet
Best Film - ‘Close’ – One Productions
Hall of Fame - Davy Sims – BBC Northern Ireland
Grand Prix- Apple Ireland – iTunes Music Store

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IDI - Andy Milligan talk
The IDI in association with Gaelite are pleased to present a lecture from

Andy Milligan

Interbrand and author of 'Brand It Like Beckham' and 'Uncommon Practice' on Branding the Experience, how branding must not simply identify and differentiate but communicate, engage and become an authentic part of the customer experience.

Date: Wednesday 22 February, 2006
Venue: Chief O'Neill Hotel, Smithfield
at 6.30pm
IDI Members free
Non-members: 10 euro

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Detail Design Studio
The point at which you realise that all the design you have drooled over the last year has come from the one source.

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