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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

SweetTalk 2

SWEETTALK 2 : CandyCinema
What are you doing here reading this, RUN!

Colonel Blimp have arrived.
D.A.D.D.Y. are on their way.
BrenB is busy stuffing packs of postcards.
The 300 limited edition A2 posters printed by McGowans are done and looking amazing.
The Bombay Sapphire is on ice.
Johnny Kelly, Pixelcorps & Chequerboard have also hooked us up with videos.
Die Gestalten came through some books.
Art to Order have the voucher ready.

The Sugar Club, Dublin / 7pm – 11pm /
Admission €5, No guest list / Tickets on the door /
Cocktail reception courtesy of Bombay Sapphire /
Exclusive items for early arrivers //

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Durty Monkee

Durty Monkee - Emma Jane Reilly
Great name and the site design certainly lives up to it. Lovely examples of design, illustration and photography from designer Emma Jane Reilly. When do the toys get released from their cages Emma?

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I got a chance to play with the web browser on the PSP and you would swear I intentionally designed this site for it. All entries are perfectly sized for the PSP screen. And one click in the brilliant feedburner made the RSS feed work perfectly with the installed reader.

RSS reader comes with the latest 2.60 update.

Posting will be slow coming up to christmas as the rush gets underway.

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