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Monday, November 28, 2005

John Spillane Music Video

John Spillane Music Video
Cute simple music video for John Spillane from the talented FrankP. Done in flash.

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Frequency Design Studio

Frequency Design Studio
I would never have thought of putting lime green and brown together but its a classy combination. Nice site and work from Cork based Frequency.

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Friday, November 25, 2005


ROBOJOE - Irelands first superhero
Irelands first superhero.

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Save My Bacon

Save My Bacon - Ruairi Robinson
New advert from Ruairi Robinson and the Mill in london. Looks super.

View the ad here.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

AV Browne Advertising

AV Browne Advertising
I love this series of ads for from Belfast based AV Browne Advertising.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Frank Design Belfast
I might as well just rename this blog "Belfast Visual Popcorn". There is an unbelievable concentration of top class design there.
This is a company I Googled for a few times but didn't manage to find due to it being in flash. Design by Frank.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Visual Artists Ireland

Visual Artists Ireland
Visual Artists Ireland – the new trading name of the Sculptors Society.
It was in everything but name already. This is the premier resource site for any visual artist in the country. Informative and exhaustive. They seem to be run as an organisation like this should be run. Proactive, helpful and on the ball.
Sign up for the e-bulletin to be kept updated with relevant and up to date news and events from all 32 counties.

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The Reflecting City

Reflecting City
It is a shame that the site is so grey looking. Hardly reflective of the vibrancy of the city (it can be if you look). But with so many organisations involved in the creation of the project another colour was unlikely to get through the concept stage.

"The Reflecting City: The Reconstruction of Dublin is a mixed media exhibition, CD-ROM & website focusing on urban transformation in Dublin over the past decade. The concept driving the project is that good urban planning, design and architecture transform cities and impact on people's lives in a truly positive way. The Reflecting City Exhibition is now on tour:"

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Burlesque - DIT Fashion Show
"Most people think that "burlesque" means female strippers walking a runway to a bump and grind beat. But that only fits the form in its declining years. At its best, burlesque was a rich source of music and comedy that kept America, audiences laughing from 1840 through the 1960s."

The DIT FASHION SHOW is back! On November 23rd, the bevy of DIT beauties will be catwalking for charity in Vicar Street, for the second time in 2005.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rehab Studio

Rehab Studio
Yet more Belfast goodness.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The CEO Club

CEO Club

I received a quite spammy looking html email this afternoon asking me to Join something called the CEO Club or the Creative Enterprise Club.
It seems to be an “exciting new initiative from Louth County Enterprise Board”.

It is a club for people in the creative industry and they want you to join. Great so for a sum of money what do they offer?

Priority booking to our networking events. These are events for members so you can try and sell a website to the web design company down the road.

Full access to the Creative Enterprise Office resources. I have asked them what these resources are and await a reply. The Louth County Enterprise Board offer great ones for free.

Free Creative Enterprise Office Publications. They don’t actually, you know, have any yet, but they will and they will be great and free after you pay your membership.

Priority booking for our training, seminars and advisory surgeries. Waiting to find out if these are free as well or if the membership fee is to allow you to get to the front of the queue.

Opportunity to pitch your business for 10 minutes to members at a CEO event . See point one. I am not sure if they have thought this item through.

“Still not sure? Let me explain how the CEO Club will benefit your business.”

You will meet new people in the creative industry where you will be able to learn from each others experiences. This is a great idea which is why I visit Creative Ireland daily. DGI Christmas social night is called for.

You will receive a new marketing tool for your business through advertising on our website for free. They don’t actually have one yet but they will soon and I am sure it will be read by all kind of potential customers, or at least other designers in your area. Will probably also be designed by these guys.

You will receive training suited to you and your business. Great. So I can tell you what I need and you can organise it?

You will be introduced to potential customers and strategic partners through our networking events. Brilliant…oh hang on a min.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Designers should network more but they need to be realistic as to why they do it and how. I understand that it is starting out but you don’t launch before you are ready. You certainly don’t charge before you have something to offer. And some serious thinking needs to be done on their strategy.
Looking at the logos on the flier, these guys are very well funded and should be around for a while.

View the pdf flier.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Amaze Me

PSP Amaze Me
Interesting marketing idea. I would love to see what they get back from it.

AMAZE ME is inspired by the brief issued by art director Alexi Brodovitch to photographer Richard Avedon — simply to “amaze him”.

The challenge asks you, the public, to respond to a brief set by a panel of six leading creative industry figures. Come along to one of our micro-studio booths and make a 30 second video pitch.
The best six entries will win a PSP™(Playstation®Portable), plus an exclusive opportunity to work with the panellist you attempt to amaze.

Running from 14th NOVEMBER to the 9th DECEMBER 2005
Project Arts Center
Temple Bar, Dublin

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Irish Graphic Designer / Photographer Ray Doyle
Fantastic work from Graphic Designer / Photographer Ray Doyle. I love that blue on the website.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

DULRA Nature Tours

DULRA Nature Tours
Great looking flash site advertising tours of the west of Ireland. Great use of space, colour and animation to convey the scenic views on offer. Nice photography as well.
What I want to know is where is the rain!

Design by Cillian O Mongain. Job well done.

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P. J. Lynch

P. J. Lynch
What is it about Belfast that produces such great talent?
I have an almost fan boy appreciation for the work of P. J. Lynch. Who am I kidding I am totally fan boy!
I was introduced to his work when an American pen pal and then aspiring illustrator sent me a copy of one of his books as a kid and totally fell in love. East O' the Sun And West O' the Moon was the the book and I have continued to collect every thing published before and since (though it remains my favourite). His work blows me away, it can be both epic and personal. The level of detail, mood and emotion he achieved in a scene is breathtaking. He was the inspiration for me to study illustration in art college (design eventually won) and his technique showed up in the style of my watercolour work.
For some reason his work doesn't come out the best on line. Perhaps because of the detail and richness in his work and the small samples online. Keep an eye out for his books and see what I mean.

My hope is that one day I get the opportunity to work with him on a project.
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The grandfather rule

Oliver Jeffers
Born in Australia, raised and studied in Belfast and lives in London. So there is enough of an Irish Connection there for me.
The Illustration work of Oliver Jeffers.

Who was also involved in the BOOK. An art project where for thirty-six weeks a sketchbook was sent in random order between four artists: two in Brooklyn, two in Belfast.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Award winners

One of the reasons Awards are held (in my limited opinion) is to recognise good work being done and to help promote that work at home and abroad.


Seriously guys, its should be such a basic thing. A name and a project title mean nothing to me.
Hell send some images my way and i will put them on line or drop me an email and i will help you put them up yourself.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Digital Media Awards 2006

Digital Media Awards 2006
Call for entries for the 2006 Digital Media Awards to be held in February.
Deadline is Wed 7th December.
4 entries for price of 3 so move quickly.

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SWEETTALK 2 : CandyCinema

SWEETTALK 2 : CandyCinema
All reports from event one were great so if you missed here is the return.

Featuring a world exclusive (ahead of Berlin and Edinburgh Film Festivals) retrospective of the work of Colonel Blimp (UK)
A presentation by one of Colonel Blimp’s leading directors Dougal Wilson (UK)


A presentation and retrospective of the work of D.A.D.D.Y. (IRL)

Future lounge sounds courtesy of Jon Averill (Backlash) //

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wednesday 7th December 2005 /
The Sugar Club, Dublin / 7pm – 11pm /
Admission €5, No guest list / Tickets on the door /
Cocktail reception courtesy of Bombay Sapphire /
Exclusive items for early arrivers //
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Design Week 05

Design Week 05
Design week launches this Monday 7th in the Ocean Bar in Dublin. You are of course invited.
Some interesting events on, and some not so interesting but then it has a wide variety of tastes and areas to cater to. Where ever your tastes lie you are sure to find a good coffee table for your living room. Full event guide here.

It's great to see design events.

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