Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sweet-Talk 3

Candy - Sweet-Talk 3
Surprisingly clear headed after the great night last night where I learnt:

1. To become a great designer you need the force, skills and a talented music mate. (I will now take to hanging out in the guitar section of Waltons).
2. Said mate will then owe you a soundtrack when you finally get round to making that film you have been annoying everyone with for years.
3. Alcohol is best served by a tall blonde in a blue cocktail dress.

Brilliant turnout of about 300. Well done to all involved.

Keep an eye out for future SweetTalk's //
April 12th 2006 : Rinzen (Candy3), BrenB (Candy2) & more TBC.


Anonymous said...

sweet talk? whats goin there, is there article s or more writes about it from spoilt, im very interested, i've search in google and i just found it, yeah this, only one, the longest word about the sweet. I'm read from Candy too, but still got no brain, just your post what you got from there. Im from Indonesia, and just click in this. Hope in recent sweet talk will have more space on blogs. /hurrargh/

2/14/2006 12:36:52 PM  

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