Thursday, January 19, 2006

Spoiltchild website :)

Spoiltchild website
Interesting colour choice from Drogheda Spoiltchild Design. Wont be to everyone's taste and might appear sickly to some.
Diagonal background stripes are becoming a bit over used at this stage. Along with drop shadows, reflections and stickers (which thankfully have not been used). They also need to spend a little time fixing the alignment of the strips on some pages.
I am unsure of their choice not to fit it within the 800 x 600 screen size. It doesn't not seem that it would have made much of a deference to the design and space if they had.
Some fun design samples in the portfolio which hopefully means they have a sense of humour. Samples are a bit old though. Time for an update.
Navigation needs to be made appear the same on IE as in Firefox.
A few code errors but overall not bad.


Sharon o'N said...

heh. placed a target on yourself eh?

Spolit child: Only 1 addition to make to the things pointed out above. I feel the header is too tall. Takes up a good chunk of space leading to this lazy webskimmer to do too much scrolling down to do.
Apart from that I find the site very easy to navigate. good work samples. link tastic.

Blog section: I'm not crazy about the tiger type pattern (the whole 80s thing - scary era) but that may be because it takes up a fifth of the page when I open the site leaving me with little option but to constantly see it first.
What keeps me coming is the constant updating, information and interesting linking.

keep it up!

1/20/2006 09:57:49 AM  
Rob said...

Fair's fair :)

And it is an absolutely beautiful site, and done without the Great Satan of Vector Graphics, at that.

It has always been one of my regrets that I'm no good at this sort of thing; my occasional forays into the world of websites are generally of a database-y nature.

1/20/2006 11:55:15 AM  
frankp said...

ha ha ha... classic.

1/20/2006 03:50:02 PM  
Anonymous said...

While we're all being honest :-)

SpoiltChild: A small design agency with a portfolio that shows a rare ability to 'hit-the-mark' design wise.

I must admit, with such a visually rich name, I thought more could have been done with the spoilt logo when it was unveiled a few months ago.

And I definitely don't like the 45 degree angle of the logo in the site header (sorry couldn't resist).

All the best Al.


1/21/2006 01:04:09 AM  

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