Saturday, November 05, 2005

P. J. Lynch

P. J. Lynch
What is it about Belfast that produces such great talent?
I have an almost fan boy appreciation for the work of P. J. Lynch. Who am I kidding I am totally fan boy!
I was introduced to his work when an American pen pal and then aspiring illustrator sent me a copy of one of his books as a kid and totally fell in love. East O' the Sun And West O' the Moon was the the book and I have continued to collect every thing published before and since (though it remains my favourite). His work blows me away, it can be both epic and personal. The level of detail, mood and emotion he achieved in a scene is breathtaking. He was the inspiration for me to study illustration in art college (design eventually won) and his technique showed up in the style of my watercolour work.
For some reason his work doesn't come out the best on line. Perhaps because of the detail and richness in his work and the small samples online. Keep an eye out for his books and see what I mean.

My hope is that one day I get the opportunity to work with him on a project.


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