Thursday, November 03, 2005

Design Week 05

Design Week 05
Design week launches this Monday 7th in the Ocean Bar in Dublin. You are of course invited.
Some interesting events on, and some not so interesting but then it has a wide variety of tastes and areas to cater to. Where ever your tastes lie you are sure to find a good coffee table for your living room. Full event guide here.

It's great to see design events.


Daragh said...

I'm all for design week.... but jaysus that guide thingy is brutal!

11/04/2005 12:56:32 PM  
Alan O' Rourke said...

I am dig'n the retro Star Trekin font. But that's probably not a good thing...

11/04/2005 01:09:40 PM  
Daragh said...

Yeah, but it's not like the styling is an ironic take on dodgy fonts got for free off the interweb... this is someones idea of cool and hip.


11/04/2005 02:24:31 PM  

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