Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The CEO Club

CEO Club

I received a quite spammy looking html email this afternoon asking me to Join something called the CEO Club or the Creative Enterprise Club.
It seems to be an “exciting new initiative from Louth County Enterprise Board”.

It is a club for people in the creative industry and they want you to join. Great so for a sum of money what do they offer?

Priority booking to our networking events. These are events for members so you can try and sell a website to the web design company down the road.

Full access to the Creative Enterprise Office resources. I have asked them what these resources are and await a reply. The Louth County Enterprise Board offer great ones for free.

Free Creative Enterprise Office Publications. They don’t actually, you know, have any yet, but they will and they will be great and free after you pay your membership.

Priority booking for our training, seminars and advisory surgeries. Waiting to find out if these are free as well or if the membership fee is to allow you to get to the front of the queue.

Opportunity to pitch your business for 10 minutes to members at a CEO event . See point one. I am not sure if they have thought this item through.

“Still not sure? Let me explain how the CEO Club will benefit your business.”

You will meet new people in the creative industry where you will be able to learn from each others experiences. This is a great idea which is why I visit Creative Ireland daily. DGI Christmas social night is called for.

You will receive a new marketing tool for your business through advertising on our website for free. They don’t actually have one yet but they will soon and I am sure it will be read by all kind of potential customers, or at least other designers in your area. Will probably also be designed by these guys.

You will receive training suited to you and your business. Great. So I can tell you what I need and you can organise it?

You will be introduced to potential customers and strategic partners through our networking events. Brilliant…oh hang on a min.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Designers should network more but they need to be realistic as to why they do it and how. I understand that it is starting out but you don’t launch before you are ready. You certainly don’t charge before you have something to offer. And some serious thinking needs to be done on their strategy.
Looking at the logos on the flier, these guys are very well funded and should be around for a while.

View the pdf flier.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a few organisations are trying to squeeze the last bit of money out of the Peace 2 Funds. There is not going to be a Peace 3!

11/16/2005 10:30:06 PM  
Michele said...

You'd probably get more business from BNI or similar

11/17/2005 01:15:09 AM  

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