Saturday, October 01, 2005

Foy Vance

Foy Vance
Nice visuals let down by poor implementation. Unnecessary pop ups all over the shop and animation that is too slow and rough.
Design by Tonic design in Belfast and built by RTNetworks.


Michele said...

Oh help!
They actually ask you to turnoff your popup blocker before entering the site!!
If they expect me to change the way my browser behaves then they really are naive

10/01/2005 05:23:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

I took a look at this site to find out more about Foy Vance and left very quickly without finding out anything. Probably the worst website I've visited in recent times. I'm not a designer or anything but it seems to me that unless you really know what you're doing you should keep it simple to get the message over.

10/11/2005 04:58:57 PM  
Anonymous said...

Amazing singer/songwriter! However, the lack of content on his site is very disappointing!

10/14/2005 12:51:01 PM  
Anonymous said...

its a pretty site, nice idea, but too slow. it just doesnt work. thats not the point however, you gotta check out Foy, saw him tonight with rod/gab, -amazing gig. I closed my eyes and heard B.B. King. Respect to the Vanceman

11/19/2005 01:23:05 AM  
Anonymous said...

Not enough info on his site which is a shame as I saw him play with rodrigo y gabriella last Friday. He was brilliant (so were ryg by the way)

11/21/2005 01:54:58 PM  
Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. The guy is a phenomenal artist but this site is doing him NO favours. PLEASE GET IT SORTED FOY IF YOU EVER READ THIS - ITS USELESS!!!

12/02/2005 11:01:51 PM  
Anonymous said...

Foy, apparently you are the "Best" Vance , but you really need to work on your web site. Good luck to you

12/19/2005 04:47:24 AM  
Anonymous said...

who gives a shit about websites.(only the nerds of this world)i dont reckon foy cares either, if he was that worried about his web site, he would take a bit of time out from his incredible shows and become a web site designer. i know nothing about websites nor do i need to, but foys web site gives you everything you need to know. wise up get a life

1/13/2006 05:40:49 PM  
Anonymous said...

There's nothing ON the website at all... you keep getting the same menu...??

3/15/2006 04:01:56 PM  
Anonymous said...

Very annoying site, hes a great performer but the site really lets him down.

3/28/2006 01:49:43 PM  
Anonymous said...

I caught the lad supporting Bonnie Raitt in Glasgow at the Armadillo on Sat 8th April.He opened with A Jimi Hendrix tune Crosstown Traffic...and then played his own tunes for a wee while after..Exceptional vocals and superb lyrics.I decided to have a look for him on the web and sorry to say the site is a real let down which is a pity as his talent is definitely not..Redo the web site Foy keep it simple and free of crap..more like your performance straight to the point and flawlessly done.Good luck to you.

4/09/2006 08:05:38 PM  
Foy said...

This site was brought to my attention...and I must say, I haven't laughed as much in a long time....let me also say this...I agree...the point of the site was to make it that you have to dig to find what you's all there, you just need to look...i didn't want to make it too easy....but after a couple of weeks of it I realised that it annoyed me...ha, ironic isn't it! point is this...I'm in the process of redoing the site...simple and effective is the sure and let me know your thoughts...foy

4/11/2006 10:33:50 PM  
Alan O' Rourke said...

Hey Foy, welcome :)
I never had as many replies, for so long as I have with this post. You have a legion of very dedicated fans. Have to say it has made me search out your music :)

One thing you should probably be aware of is that everyone is finding this post by searching for you on search engines like Google. Unfortunately they are unable to find you directly as your site is all flash.

Next time you are in the drogheda/dublin part of the country let me know and i will be along to the gig :)

4/11/2006 10:42:09 PM  

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