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I've been hooked on Design since about the age of 10 when i put together a magazine to sell to my classmates. It didn't sell too many issues because by the time it came to printing and selling i was already swiftly into drawing the second issue. I kind of realised then that i wasn't doing it for the money. Just as well really because the magazine may have had a few copyright issues. Now I am a Graphic Designer with 6 years Design experience and i don't think i could do anything else.

The site has been on the back burner for a while, too many options for the design, so many other interesting projects to distract from it, and way too little time. But finally, may i present a selection of my past work for your perusal. I hope to have it finished for christmas.

- Alan O' Rourke

P. S. as to the name... I may have had a few spoilt tendencies as a child :)

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